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The Certificate in Happiness Studies is an online academic course created and delivered by Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar that provides the knowledge and the tools to generate happiness on the individual, interpersonal, organizational, and national levels.

The program is fully translated into Spanish, Japanese, and Portuguese and includes academic videos by Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, exercises, readings, meditations, and educational resources. Additionally, it includes live webinars in English with Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar and in Spanish with Arlen Solodkin.

Become a “Certified Happiness Trainer”

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The Certificate in Happiness Studies includes lifetime access to:

40 Hours of Prerecorded Lectures

Throughout the year, you will get access to 4 new video sessions of about 15 minutes each, all presented by Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar. These videos become a permanent part of your personal happiness library.

Weekly Live Webinars

From the time you enroll in the course, every other week you receive access to live webinars with Tal. You can continue participating in these webinars after the course is over.

The Life Journal

The Life Journal includes a comprehensive bibliography of Happiness Studies related content, guided meditations, exercises, journaling prompts, extra reading and video content.

The Happiness Forum

Join other like-minded and like-hearted individuals from dozens of countries around the world. Be part of a vibrant and supportive community where you can share, learn, and grow.

Happiness? Really?

Why Enroll in Happiness Studies Academy:

LEARN to help others–be it family
members, friends, or colleagues–lead a
happier, more meaningful life.

CONDUCT workshops, lead seminars,
and deliver lectures in the field of
Happiness Studies to the public or
professional groups.

ASSUME the role of Chief Happiness
Officers (CHOs) or a Wellbeing Program
Manager of an organization–whether a
business, an NGO, or a school.

material including the latest research
and ideas in the field of Happiness
Studies. Lecture and workshop material
that can be used for running independent programs.

ENGAGE with rigorous and accessible
material that can help you find more
meaning and joy in your life.

CREATE a new “Happier Center” or join an existing one and help people realize
their potential for leading a happy,
fulfilling life. 

Certificate in Happiness Studies
Program Syllabus

Semester A –
Introduction to Happiness Studies

Semester A “Introduction to Happiness Studies” focuses on the theoretical aspect, while Semester B “Facilitating Happiness” focuses primarily on the practical application.

This course comprises 26 prerecorded lectures, bi-monthly live webinars and 2-3 hours of exercises each week. Each lecture is subdivided into four sessions.  In the syllabus below you will find a brief description of each lecture.

Semester B –
Facilitating Happiness

While the “Introduction to happiness” course focuses on more theory than practice, the focus of this second course is almost entirely on practice—application. Each of the lectures highlights a series of evidence-based techniques that can significantly shift the needle in terms of your own and others’ happiness. Over a period of 20 weeks—which will include lectures and webinars—We will introduce you to the science behind each technique and then provide you with concrete steps that you can take to make a meaningful difference in your life.

HSA’s international community, composed of students from all over the world,
work together to make significant changes in the field of happiness.

Meet Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar

About your instructors

Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar (@talbenshahar)

Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar is the co-founder of the Happiness Studies Academy, as well as the creator and instructor of the Certificate
in Happiness Studies program.

After graduating from Harvard with a BA in Philosophy and Psychology
and a PhD in Organizational Behavior, Tal taught two of the most popular
courses in Harvard’s history: Positive Psychology and The Psychology of
Leadership, and currently teaches Happiness Studies at Columbia University.

He is an international, best- selling author whose books have been
translated into more thn 25 languages.

Arlen Solodkin, MSW, MAPP (@arlen_solodkin)

Arlen is the founder and director of the Instituto de Bienestar Integral, a Mexico-based organization that offers positive psychology and comprehensive wellness programs for the Spanish-speaking world.

Arlen is a professor on the Certificate in Happiness Studies created by Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar. She works with numerous universities and organizations to develop and train various programs in leadership, social responsibility, integral well-being, and positive psychology.

Arlen holds a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Social Work from the University of St. Thomas and is an international lecturer.


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